Episode 26 of The MoveMind Podcast looks at the key differences between training and working out. Perhaps you thought they were the same thing? Think again.

I break down why periodisation is a key idea to understand, what it means, take you through a needs analysis for the BJJ player, and which type of training suits the grappler the best. Please like and share with someone who could benefit!


0:00 Intro

0:50 Why is working out not the same as training in terms of S&C?

4:19 What does training mean?

6:47 What qualities do we need to do BJJ, especially when it comes to performing in a competitive setting?

9:16 Explosive Strength

10:00 Isometric Strength

11:45 Strength Endurance

12:55 Conditioning needs of the BJJ player

14:22 Alactic Power

14:59 Alactic Capacity

15:27 Lactic Capacity

16:15 Flexibility

17:15 Dynamic Flexibility

17:58 Static Active Flexibility

19:32 Static-Passive Flexibility

20:44 Mobility

21:40 Stability

24:40 Periodisation

25:44 Progressive Overload

27:09 Volume and Intensity

28:30 Different methods of Periodisation

29:14 What is Block Periodisation?

31:57 Linear Periodisation

33:08 Concurrent Periodisation

34:43 Conjugate Method

35:30 Implementing a phasic structure to train properly for competition

36:50 Phase 2 – Max strength + Alactic capacity

37:26 Phase 3 – Strength and speed + Lactic Capacity

39:13 Learning resources regarding these topics

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