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Brandon Harris on Prepping Suga Sean, Applying Awareness and The Meathead-Manbun Continuum (#12)

Excited to share my conversation with Brandon about preparing Suga Sean O’Malley for 3 UFC appearances, how his study of Zen has helped him cultivate and apply awareness to create more authentic relationships, and why he sits somewhere in the middle of the Meathead-Manbun continuum.

Brandon Harris is a Personal Trainer, Coach and Co-owner of PREMIER FITNESS SYSTEMS, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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00:21 Brandon’s University background studied Kinesiology, where it benefitted him and where it fell short.

03:49 What drew Brandon to want to work with people and coach them, from humble beginnings with buckets of rocks and beyond

05:04 Lessons that Brandon learnt early on that still stick with him to this day surrounding business, communication and reframing the discomfort surrounding sales

11:00 Brandon’s personal approach to being authentic in his relationships

13:15 Meditation as a tool for improving Brandon’s awareness Bruce Lee Miracle of Mindfulness Sam Harris’ Waking Up App

16:55 Breathing cadences that Brandon uses, how holding the breath on the inhale commands a different level of focus

22:43 The importance of breathing mechanics, how it affects our musculoskeletal body and why Brandon starts here with clients

25:38 Brandon’s approach to assessing clients before working with them

27:50 Other elements of Brandon’s training approach; classic periodisation, volume and intensity management, flexible periodisation

33:15 What is your relationship with the floor? And where Brandon sits on the meathead-manbun continuum.

37:51 Training fads that Brandon has seen over the years and why they haven’t lasted

41:33 Working with Sugar Sean O’Malley; origins, GPP works, marijuana and camp lengths.

57:34 Brandon’s sporting history and martial approach to training, and interest in BJJ

1:00:32 How to train with Brandon, his app @brandon_pfs
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