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Training vs Working Out – S&C for BJJ part 3 (#26)

Episode 26 of The MoveMind Podcast looks at the key differences between training and working out. Perhaps you thought they were the same thing? Think again.

I break down why periodisation is a key idea to understand, what it means, take you through a needs analysis for the BJJ player, and which type of training suits the grappler the best. Please like and share with someone who could benefit!

Maximum Recoverable Volume and Maintenance – S&C for BJJ Part 2 (#25)

Episode 25 of The MoveMind Podcast is centred around Maximum Recoverable Volume (M.R.V.) and Maintenance Volume, two key principles to understand regarding your S&C training for BJJ.

You’ll learn how to calculate your M.R.V. for both S&C and on the mats for BJJ, as well as some key things to avoid, so you don’t overshoot your recovery and can keep training. Please like and share with someone who could benefit!

Strength and Conditioning for BJJ – Where should you start? (#24)

Episode 24 of The MoveMind Podcast is all about where you should start with Strength and Conditioning for BJJ. I get asked all the time from grapplers where they should start, whether or not they should lift weights, what lifts to do, etc, so I thought it was time to answer these questions with some episodes dedicated to S&C for BJJ.

In this episode, I cover the most important questions to ask first, regarding; the argument for undertaking S&C for grapplers, your training history, your training schedule, equipment access, and more.

Please like and share with someone who could benefit!

Stuart Cooper on Travelling the World Filming BJJ and Conquering Addiction with Psychedelics (#22)

JiuJitsu players and psychedelic explorers, pack your intergalactic suitcases, it’s about to get topical! Join our brilliant conversation about travelling the world filming JiuJitsu, conquering Staph ten times in one year, and battling opiate addiction with various psychedelic approaches.

Stuart Cooper is a BJJ black belt under Lucio Sergio De Santos, head of the BJJ program at Diaz Combat Sports, and chief videographer for Stuart Cooper Films. Hailing from the mean streets of Preston in the UK, Stuart now resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Jahred Dell on The 3 Level Guide and Being The Mirror, Not The Crystal Ball (#20)

Welcome to the twentieth installment of the MoveMind podcast! Listen in to our intriguing conversation as Jahred reveals a variety of knowledge gems gleaned from his professional teaching career, such as the 3 level guide; a structure any jiujitsu instructor can use to improve their attendants’ learning. We also dive in to what it means to be the mirror and not the crystal ball, as a teacher, and how to bring a peer-reviewed attitude on to the mats so that practitioners can grade their own work.

Jahred Dell is a professional teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand.
He is a brown belt in BJJ under Pedro Fernandes and teaches at two academies; Tukaha and Future Jiujitsu, and runs the Articulate BJJ podcast

Brandon Morgan on The Kabuki Strength System, Earning Your Recovery, and Wisdom for Introverts (#19)

Join us as Brandon unpacks how the Kabuki Strength System helped morph him from grappler to powerlifter, what it means to actually earn your recovery, and a powerful story about how Brandon transformed himself from a self-confessed introvert into a strength coach who can talk to anyone, anytime.

Brandon Morgan (@bmorg33) is a powerlifter and strength coach at the Kabuki Strength Facility, in Portland, Oregon, and a holder of a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Kinetics.

Felix Adler on How to Structure Your Learning for Skill Development and Teach Better Classes (#18)

Felix gives lots of insight towards how to structure your learning towards skill development and acquisition, whether on the mats or in the classroom. We talk through what makes an average class and why, and Felix explains how becoming a professional teacher of language and chemistry taught him to be a better jiujitsu coach, and how teaching on the mats has made him a better teacher in the classroom. If you’re interested in becoming a better class instructor or teacher, whatever you like to teach; an academic subject or sport, this episode is for you!

Felix Adler (@rolling.pauker) is a teacher of english and chemistry during the day, and a BJJ purple belt based out of Wittlich, Germany.