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Rob Nitman on How To Peak For BJJ Competitions (#33)

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to peak for a BJJ competition, then listen in. My guest this episode is S&C coach Rob Nitman, who has been in the sports performance industry since 2014 and is currently a BJJ blue belt.

We dive into peaking strategies for the weight room, conditioning protocols that really work for BJJ players, and answer some of your questions on training in the weight room for improved performance on the mats.

Time Codes

0:00 Introduction

0:38 How Rob got into S&C

4:08 Where Rob learned the most; placements or on his degree

12:17 Standout moments from Rob’s coaching career where creating buy-in was the last piece of the puzzle

15:07 How Rob came across the bizarre art of murder yoga

18:27 The specifics of what caught Rob’s attention during his first BJJ class

20:07 Landmarks in Rob’s learning on his own BJJ path

25:39 Why bother with S&C for BJJ?

30:55 What kind of training makes up the basics of S&C for BJJ?

31:20 Why might performing a powerlifting program not be suitable for BJJ?

34:04 What should S&C look like as we approach a BJJ competition?

43:54 Where conditioning fits into the S&C picture

47:05 What type of aerobic work Rob recommends

53:13 How the Ribeiros like to do their conditioning

54:35 Is Gordon Ryan hitting the mark with his gym training or is he way off?

1:01:33 Questions from listeners


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Brandon Harris on Prepping Suga Sean, Applying Awareness and The Meathead-Manbun Continuum (#12)

Excited to share my conversation with Brandon about preparing Suga Sean O’Malley for 3 UFC appearances, how his study of Zen has helped him cultivate and apply awareness to create more authentic relationships, and why he sits somewhere in the middle of the Meathead-Manbun continuum.

Brandon Harris is a Personal Trainer, Coach and Co-owner of PREMIER FITNESS SYSTEMS, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Time codes

00:21 Brandon’s University background studied Kinesiology, where it benefitted him and where it fell short.

03:49 What drew Brandon to want to work with people and coach them, from humble beginnings with buckets of rocks and beyond

05:04 Lessons that Brandon learnt early on that still stick with him to this day surrounding business, communication and reframing the discomfort surrounding sales

11:00 Brandon’s personal approach to being authentic in his relationships

13:15 Meditation as a tool for improving Brandon’s awareness Bruce Lee Miracle of Mindfulness Sam Harris’ Waking Up App

16:55 Breathing cadences that Brandon uses, how holding the breath on the inhale commands a different level of focus

22:43 The importance of breathing mechanics, how it affects our musculoskeletal body and why Brandon starts here with clients

25:38 Brandon’s approach to assessing clients before working with them

27:50 Other elements of Brandon’s training approach; classic periodisation, volume and intensity management, flexible periodisation

33:15 What is your relationship with the floor? And where Brandon sits on the meathead-manbun continuum.

37:51 Training fads that Brandon has seen over the years and why they haven’t lasted

41:33 Working with Sugar Sean O’Malley; origins, GPP works, marijuana and camp lengths.

57:34 Brandon’s sporting history and martial approach to training, and interest in BJJ

1:00:32 How to train with Brandon, his app @brandon_pfs
Premier Fitness Systems

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