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How to Incorporate the No More Skinny Grappler Program into Your BJJ Training

This post provides tips on how to integrate the most practical strength and conditioning program for building useful muscle, for grapplers, into an athlete’s BJJ training routine/schedule.


NMSG is an off-season program, meaning it is not designed to prepare you for competition. It’s designed to be implemented when you don’t have any competitions on the calendar for 2-3 months.

I made NMSG so you can lift 3 times a week, grapple 3 times a week or more, and be sufficiently recovered to maintain that output so you can build useful muscle on to your frame. You might find that you can grapple 5 times a week or more running this program, just understand that it is for the off-season, not for competition preparation.

Why The No More Skinny Grappler Program Is The Best Strength And Conditioning Program For Scrawny BJJ Athletes

What is the No More Skinny Grappler training program?

9 weeks of training in the weight room, designed to put on useful muscle for skinny grapplers and transform them into becoming problems on the mat.

I created the NMSG program to solve some key issues that I knew some of my training partners were having.

The skinny grappler is often caught in a cycle of despair. They go to BJJ class, train hard and get smashed, coming home exhausted. They barely eat enough, don’t have the energy to go and lift weights, and as a result; stay skinny. They go back to class, and the process repeats. Throw some injuries in the mix, too, thanks to being under-recovered and you’re looking at a good portion of any jiujitsu academy’s membership base.

I knew I could help, but I had to address all these elements. Cue the NMSG program.

Brandon Harris on Prepping Suga Sean, Applying Awareness and The Meathead-Manbun Continuum (#12)

Excited to share my conversation with Brandon about preparing Suga Sean O’Malley for 3 UFC appearances, how his study of Zen has helped him cultivate and apply awareness to create more authentic relationships, and why he sits somewhere in the middle of the Meathead-Manbun continuum.

Brandon Harris is a Personal Trainer, Coach and Co-owner of PREMIER FITNESS SYSTEMS, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Time codes

00:21 Brandon’s University background studied Kinesiology, where it benefitted him and where it fell short.

03:49 What drew Brandon to want to work with people and coach them, from humble beginnings with buckets of rocks and beyond

05:04 Lessons that Brandon learnt early on that still stick with him to this day surrounding business, communication and reframing the discomfort surrounding sales

11:00 Brandon’s personal approach to being authentic in his relationships

13:15 Meditation as a tool for improving Brandon’s awareness Bruce Lee Miracle of Mindfulness Sam Harris’ Waking Up App

16:55 Breathing cadences that Brandon uses, how holding the breath on the inhale commands a different level of focus

22:43 The importance of breathing mechanics, how it affects our musculoskeletal body and why Brandon starts here with clients

25:38 Brandon’s approach to assessing clients before working with them

27:50 Other elements of Brandon’s training approach; classic periodisation, volume and intensity management, flexible periodisation

33:15 What is your relationship with the floor? And where Brandon sits on the meathead-manbun continuum.

37:51 Training fads that Brandon has seen over the years and why they haven’t lasted

41:33 Working with Sugar Sean O’Malley; origins, GPP works, marijuana and camp lengths.

57:34 Brandon’s sporting history and martial approach to training, and interest in BJJ

1:00:32 How to train with Brandon, his app @brandon_pfs
Premier Fitness Systems

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