Episode 24 of The MoveMind Podcast is all about where you should start with Strength and Conditioning for BJJ. I get asked all the time from grapplers where they should start, whether or not they should lift weights, what lifts to do, etc, so I thought it was time to answer these questions with some episodes dedicated to S&C for BJJ.

In this episode, I cover the most important questions to ask first, regarding; the argument for undertaking S&C for grapplers, your training history, your training schedule, equipment access, and more.

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0:00 Intro

0:58 The pros for doing S&C for BJJ

5:44 Bodyweight vs Lifting Weights?

9:47 The questions you should be asking yourself

14:45 How to determine your training age

18:52 What equipment do you have access to?

22:15 Closing thoughts

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