Enough is enough! Join Dave Allanson from Foundations Performance and myself, Harry Davis, as we go through the process of sniffing out the McSensei, taking this month’s best snake oil in the combat sports S&C world, and debunking it so you can learn how to be fool-proof, too.


0:00 Introduction

0:28 Dave’s news for 2023

4:20 The first jiujitsu competition in Sheffield in forever

8:06 Sniffing out the McSensei and Dave’s interactions with an instagram McSensei

33:45 Does an S&C coach for grapplers need to have grappling experience?

37:16 How Dave’s course helps you sniff out the McSensei before you give them all your money

41:26 Will training like Gordon Ryan in the weight room help your jiujitsu?

1:00:38 Questions + Answers Top 5 S&C in Combat Sports

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