For anyone looking to get stronger by using their own bodyweight, listen in. I sat down with Simonster to understand more about what it takes to master your own bodyweight, how to train for new skills vs how to build strength, and a few details on how to simplify your training program to yield even better results.

Simonster is a performer, coach and physio, specialising in bodyweight strength training, based out of Melbourne, Australia.

00:21 Simon’s beginnings; Jackie Chan and gymnastics

2:00 Gymnastics Strength Training as the key to unlocking more breakdancing power moves

3:08 The ambiguity of breakdancing and why Simon didn’t want to become a breakdancer 5:20 People that discuss vs people that train

6:45 The rights of passage within the breakdancing culture, and which skills and moves Simon found to be transferable

9:25 Simon’s approach to technical skill training vs strength training

11:45 Maintenance of skillsets with regards to learning new skills

15:00 How many reps you need to acquire before you keep a skill for life

15:30 Simon’s approach to programming strength components to technical skills, using the HSPU as an example Greg Nichols

23:18 Simon’s key to progress

24:05 Progressing the HSPU beyond free-standing repetitions Tiger Bend 90 degree bend pushups Deep Handstand push ups

27:35 Studying to be a physiotherapist and how it helped Simon’s understanding of training the body and learning how to think

29:30 Starting points for people new to training in their home environment

32:15 Simon’s approach to work ethic and being self-taught

34:00 Maintaining motivation and the desire to improve

35:55 Pausing the Simonster world workshop tour and cultures that impressed him when he has travelled to teach

37:30 Simon’s digital products and online coaching
Project Planche
Project Handstand
Project Human Flag

38:40 Simon’s approach to training legs

41:50 Learning how to teach

42:35 The Lachlan Giles connection and Simon’s experience with BJJ

45:30 Simon’s thoughts on using bodyweight and calisthenic strength training for combat athletes

49:55 How Simon approaches midsection and core work for calisthenics

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