Join us for this intriguing conversation surrounding Sam’s ADCC 2022 training camp, from everything to do with learning rulesets to improve competition outcomes, wrestling shark tanks, learning positional nuances before submission savagery, and rehabbing major injuries.

Sam McNally is a BJJ black belt under Darragh O Conaill, is the ownder and head coach at Exec BJJ Studio, Dublin, and heading to the -66kg division at this year’s ADCC in Las Vegas, USA.

Time Codes

0:00 Introduction

0:28 ADCC trials experience

2:26 Weight cutting for ADCC

3:55 Sam’s strategic approach for winning competitions

6:56 The length of time it takes to understand how to win from every position

8:46 How Sam went about drilling his wrestling techniques in preparation for the trials and ADCC

13:13 Is wrestling about being strong, or about being fluid?

16:02 How Sam gets his conditioning in for wrestling

18:13 Where positional work fits in to wrestling training

20:00 How Sam approaches building new weapons into his game

26:26 How Sam sets his training goals

28:20 How Sam came up with his periodised approach to training


33:16 Hard training – how useful is it?

38:30 Injuries and rehab protocols

44:22 Was Sam ever formally taught to brace?

46:25 Sam’s approach to S&C now

48:40 How Sam ensures his students can recall what he teaches them

54:37 How Sam goes about teaching his curriculum?

58:34 Sam’s competitive career goals

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