Check out our engaging conversation around topics of how Rob swapped his academic path of philosophy for BJJ, why language plays such an important role in learning and coaching jiujitsu, and why being strong matters on the mats, and in life.

Robert Degle is a BJJ black belt under John Danaher, and also a coach now based in Austin, Texas.


0:00 – CBD Mountain

0:21 – Robert Degle Intro

0:50 – Rob’s recent move to Singapore

5:10 – Swapping Pizza for Indian food

6:23 – What drew Rob to want to study philosophy initially

7:49 – Rob’s impressive, concise breakdown of his favourite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein

10:44 – Different theories of language and Wittgenstein’s conclusion surrounding the true purpose of words
The Picture Theory of Language (…)
Plato and the Theory of the Forms (…)

13:33 – The Barber’s Paradox (…)
Bertrand Russell The Meaning Theory of Language

15:50 – What academia does well, with regards to teaching

17:46 – Danaher’s hybrid approach to academia and jiujitsu Mastering JiuJitsu – Renzo Gracie and John Danaher

20:56 – The way Danaher teaches his students to make decisions using heuristics

24:30 – How Danaher systemised Back Control
Rob’s concise Back Control video –…

26:50 – Do you have to start learning something as complex as Back Control with simple nomenclature terms and names?

29:30 – 2 key things for coaches

33:15 – Kinaesthetic learning athletes who are outliers

35:45 – Learning styles in the dojo; how do you ensure that everyone in the room, regardless of learning style, comes away with the maximum level of information retention?

36:30 – The golden age of the blue basement and why it was so magical

38:58 – Creating the correct training environment to propel progress

42:00 – Rob getting a stern word from Danaher on training intensities

42:50 – Where Rob begins with teaching beginners
Krishna Mirjah (@krishna001)
Rob Biernacki (@islandtopteam)

44:24 – What are the fundamentals of jiujitsu? And what are your students’ goals?

46:10 – Rob’s class format and how he organises his students into groups Ryan Hall article from Lock Flow (…)

50:42 – How Rob encourages his students to improve outside of jiujitsu class times

54:15 – Rob’s approach to position-specific sparring, and the two ways it can go wrong

59:10 – How long Rob runs a new position in his curriculum before switching it out

1:01:50 – Can the skill of teaching jiujitsu, be taught?

1:05:30 – Rob’s approach to Strength and Conditioning
Dr Amato (@dr.amato_pt)
Jason Rosati (@jasonrosati)

1:12:15 – Injury prevention in the weight room

1:15:43 – Grip training for jiujitsu Dan Strauss (@raspberry_ape)

1:19:03 – How Rob periodises his S&C to fit his competition calendar

1:22:00 – The Dorian Yates Colouring Book method

1:23:40 – Rob’s archiving approach to logging his training

1:25:00 – Rob’s stance on using jiujitsu to improve his own quality of life

1:34:35 – The unpopular opinion Rob holds towards mental preparation before competing in jiujitsu

1:40:00 – Rob’s Instagram, Website and Youtube

1:41:56 – CBD Mountain Outro

Instagram – @RobertDeglebjj
Youtube – Robert Degle BJJ
Website – https://robertdeglebjjonline.teachabl…

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