Episode 27 of The MoveMind Podcast explores the key two things you need to get your strength and conditioning up and running as a grappler; a program, and good exercise selection. Not all programs are created equal and the last thing you want to be doing in the weight room is wasting your time.

Listen in on some sample programming for a blue belt gi bjj player, and a purple belt no-gi player, taken from the new ebook, “An Introduction to Strength and Conditioning for BJJ” coming soon.

Time Codes

0:00 Intro

1:33 Are you competing soon?

2:33 How strong do you need to be?

3:32 Main objective of being in the weight room?

4:05 What do we need to get things going? A program + good exercises

4:32 What is the program all about?

8:42 Exercise Selection

9:11 Squat variations

13:41 Hinge variations

19:22 Push variations

22:48 Pulling variations

25:21 Twisting and Carrying variations

26:17 Alactic Capacity

27:10 Isometrics

28:15 Sample Programming

29:42 Gi player, Blue Belt, Very Flexible, No Training History

33:35 No-Gi player, Purple Belt, Very Strong, 2 years Training History

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