The MoveMind podcast explores all things body and brain; hosting a variety of experts, coaches, high achievers and pioneers to give you the tools for a personal, holistic upgrade.

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Episode #1
Joe McCullum on Exercising Creativity, Tumbling for Injury Prevention and Advice for Coaches in an Inflated Market

Episode #2
Ben Dyson on the Black Belt Journey, Serious Injury Mindsets and Building World Class Academies

Episode #3
Zahir Akram on Self-Realisation, How to Teach a Teacher, and Why Yoga Might Not Fix Your Back Pain

Episode #4
Phil Wittmer on Your First Handstand, One Arm Chins and Staying at Sub 10% Bodyfat All Year Round

Episode #5
Amir Ghassemi on The Art Of Charm, How To Cut Weight and Teaching Women How To Protect Themselves

Episode #6
Garyth Moxey on Your First Psychedelic Trip, Healing Addiction With Ibogaine, and The God Molecule

Episode #7
Geoffrey Chiu on Bridging the Gap, the Power of the Grappling Mindset, and Common Training Mistakes to Avoid

Episode #8
Simonster on Mastering Your Own Bodyweight, Skills vs Strength, and Simplifying Your Training

Episode #9
Joey Fritz on Mental Performance for Combat Sports, How to Enjoy Running, and Approach vs Avoid Mindsets

Episode #10
Cian Lanigan on Smart Feedback Loops, Nootropic Recovery Shakes and Graded Training for Performance

Episode #11
Josh Neumann on Coaching With Enthusiasm, The First 15 Minutes and Encouraging Flow States

Episode #12
Brandon Harris on Preparing Suga Sean O’Malley, Applying Awareness and The Meathead-Manbun Continuum

Episode #13
Joey Fritz on Training Your Brain Pre/Post-Impact, and Compassion Versus Violence

Episode #14
Robert Degle on Swapping Academia for BJJ, Language’s Role in Rolling, and Why Strength Matters

Episode #15
Dr. Jon Amato on Chris Weidman’s Leg Break, Prehab for Fighters, and Roughhousing

Episode #16
D.J. Murakami on Microdosing Psilocybin as a Training Supplement, and Coaching with Silence

Episode #17
Andrew Read on Training After 40; Bend, Breathe, Build and Do Battle!

Episode #18
Felix Adler on How to Structure Your Learning for Skill Development and Teach Better Classes

Episode #19
Brandon Morgan on The Kabuki Strength System, Earning Your Recovery, and Wisdom for Introverts

Episode #20
Jahred Dell on The 3 Level Guide and Being The Mirror, Not The Crystal Ball

Episode #21
Microdosing Vol. 1

Episode #22
Stuart Cooper on Travelling the World Filming JiuJitsu and Conquering Addiction with Psychedelics