It was a great pleasure to have Phil on the show. You’ll get to hear a clear insight into the pathways towards achieving your first freestanding handstand, what it takes to get the illusive one arm chin, and how he manages to stay at sub 10% body fat all year round!

Phil Wittmer is a performance coach and co-owner of West Coast Strength and Movement, a private training studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.


00:00 Introduction

01:18 Beginnings with various movements, training and habits

02:15 Staying at sub 10% body fat, all year round and educating people on the framework for food

05:10 Sitting for long periods of time and how to alleviate its effects

07:20 Common patterns in everyday people from sitting too much

09:16 Phil’s journey to his first 30s freestanding handstand Ido Portal

12:10 The best drill for getting your first freestanding handstand

15:46 The illusive handstand pushup; pathways to first reps Simonster

21:00 Unlocking the one-arm chin up and learning about biomechanic strengths and sticking points. Christian Thibaudeau

25:07 Elbow tendon irritation from one arm chins and how to avoid it

26:14 What should the average human be able to do?

29:20 What Phil gained from the breakdancing world and why it is so far ahead on the movement continuum

33:45 The exponential progression continuum for extreme sports Tony Hawk landing the 900

35:07 What differentiates training online with Phil, compared to other offers available
Train with Phil
Phil @

38:20 Some of Phil’s influences;
Charles Poliquin
Paul Chek
Mark Verstegan
Eric Cressey
Mike Boyle
Carmen Bott

44:20 How to improve your communication as a professional and tips for newcomers into the coaching/training industry

50:16 Phil’s approach towards improving mobility and retaining the gains

54:58 Making the most of the lockdown quarantine time

56:20 Middle Splits progressions and the power of the horse stance
Emmet Louis
Thomas Kurz

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