The motivation behind MoveMind stemmed partly from a source of malcontents; dissatisfaction with the current standard of physical education and the imbalanced, sub-optimal, educational paradigm that exists in many institutions of the western nations.

This is dichotomised with the more positive belief that man; is a trainable beast, that the body and brain can be guided and directed by man/woman alone, to positively influence their own lives and the world at large.

A simple solution to fixing the current imbalanced educational paradigm was to provide a quality online educational resource, that focuses on learning how to learn, about your own body and mind. Schools have mostly failed on equipping us with useful knowledge and practices to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

Enter MoveMinda holistic toolbox for leveling up.

The variety of methods that MoveMind advocates in order to develop, restore or maintain the human body are founded in pragmatism; the methods must be useful for anyone, regardless of race, gender, age or location. If the methods are not suitable for the lowest common denominator, then really how useful are they?

The information available on this site must be of quality. The online world and various industries that claim to be involved with mental and physical health, are also littered with rubbish, diluted information. Not here. The knowledge you will find on this site can be implemented into your life immediately. No wading through adverts. No false claims.

The favoured methods of physical development and restoration that MoveMind advocates, have come from the worlds of science, the mat and the gym – tried and tested movements, techniques and protocols that yield positive results when applied correctly.

Who is behind MoveMind?

This project is the brainchild of Harry Davis – an intelligent but naughty child in school who intuitively registered the flaws within his own education growing up.
Harry felt around the age of twelve years old that what his schools were trying to teach him was now obsolete in the real world. He had the basic academic and social skills needed to function in society and wondered why he still had another six years left of ‘education’.
This was also the time he discovered a man named Bruce Lee. His conscious physical education was about to begin, albeit extracurricularly.

“School was an interesting time for me. Everyday I could not wait to get home and get out on my skateboard. I finished my work early in almost every class I attended. Then I would just be naughty because I could sniff out the real teachers from the fakes.
Ninety-five percent of my teachers had no passion or interest in really teaching children. They were there for the pay packet. I can count on one hand the number of teachers over a fourteen year schooling career who really wanted to be there. As a child, you can just tell.
Eventually, I started to take my walkman in with me, knowing I would spend the majority of my days, solo, in the corridor. Music became a favourite escape.
I remember calculating one day in school exactly how many years and days I had left before I could leave. I found the answer to be very unsettling, indeed; the next seven years became about getting through school instead of enjoying it. “

This spawned a flame in Harry’s chest, a desire to create something that would help all those people like him who felt let down from their schooling journey. Having a great set of examples on how not to do it meant MoveMind was the next logical step in creating something that could over turn these institutional failures.

At 18, Harry attended B.I.M.M., graduated, then left to travel the eastern hemisphere, living out of a bag for the next two years. During this time, he had a base in Wing Chun, taught by Roger Gracie black belt, Kevin Chan, some Brazilian JiuJitsu and some striking skills.

Living in Thailand, he trained in Muay Thai, then moving on to New Zealand he explored the worlds of Freerunning and Parkour. Unfortunately, he suffered a spinal injury to his S1 verterbrae meaning he had to return to the UK to start treatment. Unknown to him at the time, this would be the catalyst towards wanting to help people with their own bodies and minds.

For the last six years, Harry has been working as a skills coach at top UK strength and conditioning facility, Locker 27, an invaluable investment in his own education.

“Working at Locker 27 has been a fantastic, totally immersive experience. I’ve been rubbing shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable experts in their field, especially coaches, as well as having the chance to work with some incredible athletes.
Matt, the owner, was just such a hero to me. He let me park my van (where I lived) opposite the gym for years. He taught me some of the basic ropes towards climbing up in the coaching world and more importantly, gave me a chance to educate myself in a world-class facility.
I would be in the gym morning til’ night, researching, testing, experimenting, picking people’s brains. He knew I didn’t want to take a formal university course in the art of training the body and mind. He let me jump in the trenches with him and learn immersively, in the deep end. I owe a lot to him. And what a ride it’s been!”

Harry now resides in Vancouver, Canada, a conscious decision to break the spell of comfort he was experiencing in the UK. Believing in the power of choosing your environment to act as a catalyst towards enhancing one’s own education, he has chosen to focus on pushing his ability to help others with their bodies and minds the world over.

Harry currently competes in Brazilian JiuJitsu, has a passion for fast motorcycles and loves to snowboard when the powder permits.