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How does it work?

Online training is now more convenient than ever. Technology allows you to receive your programming direct to your phone, film your training sessions, and receive valuable feedback from me, multiple times a month.

The first stage is to book a consultation call with me online, where we will spend some time going through some in-take questions; training goals, roadblocks, injuries, training history, etc.

From there, I can advise you which online training package option is the best for you. Once you have purchased the right option from my online store, you will be sent an invitation code to download the TrainHeroic app to your phone. Simply create a free account, open the app and insert the invitation code.

Your programming will be delivered to you through the app. In there, you can film your lifts for coaching feedback on your technique, too. Our check-ins will be conducted via Zoom, to ensure you're getting the most out of your training and that I can help answer any questions, sticking points or queries you may have about your training journey.

1. Book a Consultation

The first stage is to book a consultation call with me online, where we will spend some time going through in-take questions; training history, roadblocks, injuries, training goals, etc.

Book Consultation

2. Purchase Coaching Package

Once you have had the consultation call with me, I can direct you towards the best coaching option for you. Simply purchase one of the subscription packages from my online store.

See Below

3. Download TrainHeroic App

Simply download the app, create a free account, and insert the invitation code I give you to receive your programming directly to your phone.

Download TrainHeroic

Take the guesswork out of your training.

Here is some more information about each of the coaching packages I offer. Have a read through, book your consultation call with me, and let's get you set up with the best option for your online training.


Online Coaching Systems

one-to-one service for grapplers

  • Are you looking for solid coaching on lifting technique?
  • Efficient programming for strength?
  • Increase resiliency for the mats?

With tons of confusing information circulating social media, it can be difficult to arrange programming for yourself.

Remove the guesswork

Let me help you with programming your weekly training schedule in a way that will contribute to your mat time and not leave you burnt out.

  • Programming via the TrainHeroic app
  • Regular weekly check-ins
  • Tailored strength training sessions
  • Structured conditioning plans
  • Recovery strategies
  • Suitable for competetive or recreational grapplers
  • All training histories accepted
  • Gym equipment needed
  • Paid monthly via subscription

one-to-one service for civilians

  • Do you still want to be strong and useful but you're not playing competitive sport?
  • Do you have a training history of at least 1 year?
  • Want to be able to handle whatever life throws at you?

Then the Stronger Civilian coaching system is for you.

Utilising the Conjugate Method of periodisation, strength training is broken down into four main areas;

  1. Maximum Strength
  2. Speed
  3. Power
  4. Hypertrophy


  • Strength programming @ 3 days per week
  • Conditioning sessions included @ 2 days per week
  • Recovery protocols @ 1 day per week
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Coaching on lifting technique
  • Gym access / equipment needed
  • Paid monthly via subscription


This is for those who have been given the green light by their physio's to return to training, but are not sure where to start to ensure they don't return to the injury dept.

  • Working with rehab protocols from your physio
  • Programming specifically for rebuilding strength
  • Maintainence + improvement of mobility/stability

Navigating your return to training can be confusing. With my help and hundreds of hours of working with physio-referred clients, I will guide you through your comeback journey.

  • Suitable for all training histories
  • Gym equipment needed
  • Green light given from physio



$100 CAD or the equivalent cost in your local currency.
60 minutes, enough time to get all the details before setting you up on the right coaching system.
Via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp video.
If you're a grappler and your strength training age is 0 years, then the S&C for Grapplers system is for you. If you don't grapple, then your best bet is to get a coach for a year so you can learn the basic lifts with sound technique. Then sign up for the Stronger Civilians system.
Short answer is no. You will need gym access or a home gym setup to be able to train under any of the three systems.
No. The purpose of the consultation is to gather information so that the right coaching option can be alotted to you. If you buy a coaching package without a consultation, you will be contacted to either purchase a consultation, or have your money refunded for the coaching purchase.
Yes, the app is free to download as an athlete. You will be able to use all the app's functions once you have entered your invitation code sent from me.
Only if your physio has given you the green light. The point of Return to Training is to work with your physio's guidance so that we can get you back to baseline and beyond. Green light's only.
You can cancel anytime. As soon as you've cancelled your subscription, your access to TrainHeroic will be removed.
Anywhere from 1-2 times per week, conducted via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp video.
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Stronger Civilian

Stronger Civilian

S&C for Grapplers

S&C for Grapplers

Return to Training

Return to Training