Online Training


How does it work?

Online training now gives you the chance to access pro-level strength and conditioning coaching, from the convenience of your phone.

The first stage towards working together online is to fill out an application form.

We will respond and if we're a good fit, we will organise a call in order to set you up on the right coaching service, then send your programming straight to your phone.

1. Fill out application form

The first stage is to fill out the application form and send it to us. We will then reply with a calendar link for you to book a performance call.

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2. Book Performance Call

Once you have had a reply from us (within 7 working days) you can click our calendar link and book your performance call. On the call, we will discuss your training history, roadblocks, injuries, training goals, etc.

3. Purchase Coaching Subscription

Once you've purchased the right coaching subscription package, you will get a download link for our app, then you will receive your programming straight to your phone.


Take the guesswork out of your training.

Our background is working with contact and combat athletes, including; stunt performers, grapplers, MMA fighters, boxers, and just regular everyday people who have the appetite to get stronger and be more useful.
Check out the FAQs below, and if you have any more questions that are not answered there, feel free to ping us a message via the Contact page.



The performance call is free once you have filled out the application form.
30-45 minutes, enough time to get all the details before setting you up on the right coaching package.
Via Zoom audio or Whatsapp audio.
Our Online Coaching Monthly Subscription. Why? So we can help guide you and give you feedback on your lifting technique and weight room journey, with weekly check-ins.
Short answer is no. You will need gym access or a home gym setup to be able to train with us effectively.
No. The purpose of the performance call is to gather information so that the right coaching option can be alotted to you. If you buy a coaching package without a performance call, you will be contacted to book a performance call, or have your money refunded for the coaching purchase.
Only if your physio has given you the green light. You can work with us alongside your physio's guidance so that we can get you back to baseline and beyond. Green lights only. And yes, we have plenty of experience working with great physio's to help get people back to training and playing their sports again.
You can cancel anytime after the first 12 weeks. As soon as you've cancelled your subscription, your access to your training programme will be removed.
For the Online Coaching Monthly Subscription, the programming comes with weekly check-ins as part of the package, so we will check in with you once per week.

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