Episode 25 of The MoveMind Podcast is centred around Maximum Recoverable Volume (M.R.V.) and Maintenance Volume, two key principles to understand regarding your S&C training for BJJ.

You’ll learn how to calculate your M.R.V. for both S&C and on the mats for BJJ, as well as some key things to avoid, so you don’t overshoot your recovery and can keep training. Please like and share with someone who could benefit!


0:00 Intro

1:42 What is Maximum Recoverable Volume (M.R.V.) ?

4:50 What happens if you overshoot your M.R.V.?

6:45 How can you overshoot?

8:08 Various ways you can hit your M.R.V. / What to avoid

15:02 What is Maintenance Volume?

17:48 How do you calculate your own M.R.V. for BJJ?

20:27 How to calculate your M.R.V. for S&C

24:22 How to do the same for your Maintenance Volumes

26:12 Learning more about these topics

27:01 Closing thoughts

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