Episode 28 of the MoveMind Podcast gets cerebral as I unpack what it takes to learn one of the most important life skills that is rarely taught; thinking critically.

We dive into why thinking critically is important, how it differs from critical thinking, the benefits of application plus a review of the fantastic course I enrolled in – Navigating The Grey Area by Dave Allanson of Foundations Performance.

Listen in for a crash course on how to use your mind to sift the crap from the gold in an age of instant-information.

Time Codes

0:00 Introduction

0:39 What does it mean to think critically?

2:35 The difference between thinking critically, and Critical Thinking

3:47 Why bother learning to think critically?

5:44 Professions that benefit from this skill, surrounding physical culture

9:19 How do you learn how to think critically?

11:56 Navigating The Grey Area course structure

13:42 Course price

14:15 Dave Allanson – @foundations_performance

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