Mental coach Joey Fritz is back to talk about;
– Cory Sandhagen’s latest winning streak
– Compassion within violence and how they’re more closely linked than you might expect
– How contact/combat sports athletes can train their brains pre and post-impact to help reduce long term negative effects.


0:00 – CBD Mountain Intro

0:22 – Joey Fritz Intro

0:53 – Cory Sandhagen’s recent double KO win streak and mindset topics Joey worked with him on

4:20 – Factors of violence that some fighters find difficult – On Killing by Dave Grossman –

11:48 – How Joey works with fighters to become more violent

14:45 – Creating a space in which it’s OK to be more violent

20:30 – Increasing capacity for violence

22:45 – The gun ownership example and posturing

26:08 – Translating the acceptance for violence into action with the Approach vs Avoid model

31:38 – What is the most compassionate way towards being violent?

38:00 – Violence catalyzing camaraderie and the example of Fight Club

43:24 – Searching for truths and the inability to hide on the mat or in the ring

48:13 – Training for brain health, pre and post-concussion

51:42 – What is neuromechanical coupling?

57:18 – Why collision sports athletes are more succeptible to neuro-degeneration

58:30 – What is a sub-concussive burden?

1:01:29 – The relationship between extremety injuries and sub-concussive burdens

1:03:15 – Preventitive measures for collision and combat sports athletes regarding brain trauma

1:04:09 – What is dual task processing?

1:07:00 – How does diet influence dual task processing?

1:14:00 – Why the fight game is still in its infancy regarding concussion prehab

1:15:00 – Reslience Code and the UFC Performance Institute

1:16:20 – Joey nearly getting knocked out by Francis Ngannou

1:17:45 – Is training dual task processing on a progressive continuum? – White Fang by Jack London –

1:21:20 – The easiest way to implement low budget dual task processing training today

1:23:30 – What is overmapping? Dr Dustin Grooms –…

1:29:00 – What Joey has coming up next regarding mental coaching with fighters and Cory’s next fight against TJ Dillashaw

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