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Joe McCullum on Exercising Creativity, Tumbling for Injury Prevention and Advice for Coaches in an Inflated Market (#1)

What a way to kick the podcast off with UBC’s head S&C coach, Joe McCullum.

We cover the importance of exercising creativity for varsity athletes, why Joe believes tumbling holds secrets for injury prevention, and some advice for new S&C coaches on their journey through an inflated market.


00:00 CBD Mountain

00:21 The Covid challenge of programming 650 athletes across 25 different teams, to be able to train at home with no equipment

06:40 The importance of consistency over equipment availability, and adaptations for the rowing and swimming teams.

08:46 Joe’s beliefs on increasing performance over maintaining performance markers, even in-season. How this challenging time has influenced adaptability, creativity and motivation.

11:19 The 80s training approach towards off-season modalities vs current methods, hypothetical return dates and returning to the gym space in a clean manner when by default, gyms are dirty

13:35 Gym space management parameters if groups are not allowed to form, and adaptability being forced mentally and physically.

16:28 Advice to the varsity athletes who are feeling frustrated, framing this time as an opportunity, and changing how we behave post-Covid to avoid cognitive dissonance.

23:35 Reorganising our time to avoid the superfluous, appreciating the art of preparation and gaining a competitive edge
Nassim Taleb – Antifragile (…)

25:58 The concept of “low hanging fruit”, how it applies to training through the Covid period and why it is different to “bottom feeding”.

30:01 Getting off Netflix, start reading books and be grateful.
The Book of Five Rings – Miyamoto Musashi (…)
The Art of War – Sun Tzu (…)
The Tao of Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee (…)
The Red Wheelbarrow – William Carlos Williams (…)

36:06 How UBC athletes are getting creative with their training, learning new skills and maintaining routine

37:14 Wrestling, what drew Joe to training one of the hardest sports, how his coaches employed the multi-sport model, and the importance of staying inoculated for contact year-round.

39:50 What wrestling did for Joe’s rugby and American football skills, and attributes of sport; falling, yielding and learning how to hold tension.

44:54 Why kids need to be coached on the skills of perspective, and why Joe believes tumbling and falling to be paramount for injury prevention.

49:10 Why falling is taught first in the (bullshit-free) martial arts world, why learning to dissipate force is vital, and how kazushi is a principle that translates to any sporting situation

51:50 Fear of failing, being comfortable with the uncomfortable and how it translates to work in the gym

53:25 Joe’s footballing career, realising how wrestling gave him an advantage and the average football career lengths.

58:01 Joe’s journey to becoming an S&C coach, why he decided to leave the private sector to work in the varsity realm, and thriving in chaos.

1:04:50 Academic inflation, how it affects the S&C industry and if experience is any better than education.

1:12:25 Is there an ideal route that new strength coaches should take?

1:15:20 Why professionalism matters

1:17:28 Social Media, how it relates to a crisis and whether it’s needed. Joe McCullum and Carmen Both on landing S&C jobs (…)

1:21:04 What the future holds for Joe’s coaching career

1:24:20 CBD Mountain UBC Instagram (…)

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