Welcome to the twentieth installment of the MoveMind podcast! Listen in to our intriguing conversation as Jahred reveals a variety of knowledge gems gleaned from his professional teaching career, such as the 3 level guide; a structure any jiujitsu instructor can use to improve their attendants’ learning. We also dive in to what it means to be the mirror and not the crystal ball, as a teacher, and how to bring a peer-reviewed attitude on to the mats so that practitioners can grade their own work.

Jahred Dell is a professional teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand.
He is a brown belt in BJJ under Pedro Fernandes and teaches at two academies; Tukaha and Future Jiujitsu, and runs the Articulate BJJ podcast

Time codes

0:00 – CBD Mountain Intro

0:22 – Jahred Dell Intro

0:45 – How Jahred got into Jiujitsu

11:28 – Different types of motivational patterns involved in the journey to becoming healthier

14:18 – Effective teaching methods; does Jahred address the motivational patterns of his class as a whole, or on a person-by-person basis?

17:43 – How Jahred approaches lowest common denominator teaching

26:54 – Facilitating discovery is probably the most powerful thing you can do as a coach

32:10 – Other methods that Jahred has pulled in from the classroom teaching world in to the jiujitsu world for more effective teaching, and vice versa.

40:02 – What it means to understand your learner

50:40 – How do you know when you’ve taught a great class versus a shit one?

57:05 – How Jahred has evolved to become a more effective learner on his jiujitsu journey

1:05:10 – Jahred’s worst injuries and how he healed them

1:10:49 – Jahred’s approach to S&C and thoughts around bodyweight training for jiujitsu players

1:31:31 – Instagram – @articulatebjj – https://www.instagram.com/articulatebjj/
Podcast – The Articulate BJJ Podcast – https://open.spotify.com/show/1A6sYZO…
Location – Tukaha Jiujitsu and Future Jiujitsu, Auckland https://tukaha.co.nz/ https://ftu.re

The MoveMind podcast explores all things body and brain; hosting a variety of experts, coaches, high achievers and pioneers to give you the tools for a personal, holistic upgrade.

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