Geoff explains what bridging the gap between S&C and combat sports really means, why the grappling mindset is so powerful when it comes to learning, and common training mistakes to avoid for combat sports athletes.

Geoffrey Chiu is a strength and conditioning coach and martial artist, based out of London, England and Vancouver, Canada.


00:21 Introduction

01:20 Geoff’s martial arts journey through Karate, Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing.

05:12 Dutch Kickboxing and it’s constituents as to what makes it effective.
Stuart Tomlinson Warrior Collective Youtube Channel…
We Bring The Fight – Kickboxing documentary –…

08:46 Theucydides’ statement and the survival of the fittest approach to training athletes

10:30 Training programs based on Soviet approaches Smolov Squat Program

11:25 The beginnings of Geoff’s S&C path

14:20 How coaching is different to just reading for a degree and what new coaches need to do to bridge the gap from theory to practice

18:50 How strength training helped with Geoff’s return to striking and combat sports, and the argument for S&C to help with combat sporting development.

24:15 Geoff’s approach to bridging the gap between S&C coaches and the combat sports’ world, with the athletes and coaches.

27:45 The most common mistakes Geoff sees with combat athletes who are new to S&C

29:20 Which training sessions Geoff prioritises with his athletes

31:25 Why periodisation is important for combat sports athletes and what it really means Geoff’s article on periodisation

34:45 Why more is not more and how Geoff creates buy in to make sure his athletes are training smart and what the holistic approach to training really means

37:25 What a ‘Needs Analysis’ means and how to go about it for combat sports

41:25 Is S&C going to improve your JiuJitsu, what Marcelo Garcia thinks about it and the idea of bringing up weaknesses

44:10 Kickboxing vs Muay Thai, striking vs grappling, and Geoff’s approach to programming for each style of fighter.

46:35 Does a striker make a better grappler, or a grappler make a better striker?

57:52 Geoff’s approach to assessing athletes, subjective and objectively, and performance testing Nathaniel Wood

1:04:05 Time and time again that get results every time, and where the Olympic lifts come in to athlete preparation.

1:09:22 Active recovery for combat athletes and why grapplers who see Geoff in the beginning are often injured

1:12:15 Steps that serious hobbyists can take to improve their combat sporting performance and S&C

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