Garyth is an Ibogaine provider and entheogenic worker, specialising in opiate addiction detox. You can learn more about him and his work at Inner Realms (

Had a wild time talking to Garyth about his own experience with substance addiction, his journeys with psychedelics, suggestions on plant choices for your first psychedelic trip and what it’s like to work with the God molecule (5Meo-DMT) and how it differs from the Spirit molecule (N,N-DMT).


00:22 Introduction

00:36 Garyth’s introduction to the Peace Convoy, Free festival movements in Britain in the 80s and the modern nomadic way of life.
New Age Travellers (
Peace Convoy (
Stonehenge Festival (

02:36 The significance of the solstices and equinoxes at Stonehenge
Summer Solstice (
Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2019 (

03:47 The birth of festivals from the free festival and unemployed culture.
Tinkers vs Gypsies (
Glastonbury (
Free festival movement (

07:10 Some of the most common reasons that drive people to substance abuse and addiction
Gabor Mate (

09:45 What it is about alcohol that offers escapism

11:30 The different phases of addiction and the transition from recreational use, to dependency.
Biker speed – Dextro-Levomethamphetamine (

17:20 Deciding enough is enough and beginning the rehabilitation journey

21:20 The naive approach around how Garyth thought rehab was all it would take to heal and being introduced to the AA.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Special Brew (Crew) (

First times going to the AA, finding a sponsor, first mentions of the psychedelic therapies and taking LSD to spur a 20 year bout of sobriety.
Seskatchewan Alcoholism treatment with LSD in 1950s (

29:51 The importance of ‘Set’ with the intention to change, using paper LSD tabs and why the AA model didn’t work for Garyth.
The Diceman (Novel)

36:16 Nicotine being one of the strongest drugs on the planet, using it in ceremony,
Temazcal : Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge (

38:10 Defining entheogens and the entheogenic experience
5-Meo DMT (
Alexander Shulgin (

40:46 The role of the shaman in traditional tribal societies and the entheogenic process
Elder (
Ralph Metzner (

43:55 Taking psychedelics recreationally and as a form of class war protest
Burning Man (
Class War (

45:46 Getting involved with the DOSED documentary and the story of using magic mushrooms and Ibogaine to heal opiate addiction.
Orenda Institute (

48:22 Explaining what Ibogaine is and what it is used for traditionally
Ibogaine (
Howard Lotsof
Dr David Nutt
Dr Ben Sessa

53:44 How and why the legalised cannabis movement in British Columbia is failing regarding; quality, logistics and principle.
420 ( 

58:50 High doses of psilocybin mushrooms and the awakening process
Kilindi Iyi (

1:01:50 Why Gareth works with Ibogaine and 5Meo-DMT, how sensitivities are managed and repeat dose tolerances.
Set and Setting (

1:07:55 The corporal accompaniment to the rehabilitation process and healing journey

Grouse Grind
John C Lilly (
Gurdjieff (
Oscar Ichazo (

1:13:25 Choosing the right substance for your first psychedelic trip
Cactus (Peyote) (
The Urban Shaman (

1:17:05 N,N-DMT vs 5Meo-DMT; The Power and the Glory; The Spirit Molecule and the God molecule
N, N-DMT (,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

Closing thoughts for those who maybe facing their own demons and struggling with addiction, and how to find their way back to themselves

Inner Realms Center (

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