I have made this episode to help those of who don’t have a clear definition for “What it means to drill effectively.”

Listen in as I explain how you can learn moves in jiujitsu that you can actually recall, under pressure and execute successfully. Rather than just showing up to class and hoping it sticks with you.

Time Codes

0:00 Introduction

0:30 Defining the terms

3:00 Stage 1 – Be exposed to the move in question

4:22 Stage 1 – Part b – What are the first principles of the move?

7:16 – Stage 2 – Isolate the movements required to perform the move

8:07 Stage 3 – Practice with no resistance, narrate the coaching points

8:49 Stage 4 – You’re going to ask your partner for feedback

9:16 Stage 5 – 50% resistance

9:27 Stage 6 – Ask for feedback again

10:37 Stage 7 – Positional Sparring

12:56 Stage 8 – Analyse positional and sparring performance

14:19 Stage 9 – Free sparring – analyse after

14:51 Stage 10 – Take it to competition and test it

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