If you’re interested in learning to think critically, then listen in! Dave Allanson of Foundations Performance is my guest on episode #29, where we take a deeper dive into his excellent course, Navigating The Grey Area, which I recently completed and highly recommend EVERYONE signs up.

Our conversation covers more as to why Dave created the course to give a thinking critically skillset to S&C coaches, PTs and Physiotherapists, amongst others. We also talk about how you can optimise your learning for BJJ, and other S&C approaches that work well for grapplers.

Time Codes

0:00 Introduction

0:32 Why Dave left his job as a history teacher to become an S&C coach

6:10 How Dave discovered the world of strength and conditioning and shifted from the teaching world to coaching
William Weyland @ Powering Through

13:33 Must have pieces of equipment for home garage gyms

18:17 How Dave has found working for himself as a coach instead of working for an educational institution

22:26 How Dave got in to BJJ and how it captured his attention

25:51 Dave’s view on the current learning landscape in BJJ and how it could be improved

34:43 Alternatives to a Blocked teaching approach with BJJ

50:06 S&C approaches Dave has taken with his BJJ that has worked well for him and his clients

1:03:38 Navigating The Grey Area – why Dave put the course together

1:15:01 How the course is structured

1:24:44 How Dave recommends you communicate with someone who has views or opinions about something which you believe to be wrong

1:27:12 How the course is delivered

1:43:28 How to register for NTGA

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