D.J. breaks down some of the detailed findings of his Microdosing and Movement self-experiment using psilocybin, we talk about taboo approaches to healing injuries that seemingly go against the grain, and the power of talking less whilst allowing clients to discover more with their strength and movement journeys.

DJ Murakami is based in Southern California, USA.


0:00 – CBD Mountain Intro

0:22 – D.J. Murakami Intro

0:44 – D.J. and friends’ Patellas Over Tarsals Spoof Video

3:43 – D.J.’s background regarding martial arts and sports and where his interest in strength training came from

5:33 – Where the Chi reference comes from in D.J.’s online course “Chi Torque”

7:08 – Dynamic Strength by Harry Wong and the idea of “Flowing Isometrics”
Charles Atlas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles…)
Max Sick (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Sick)

10:05 – Standardisation and progression as they relate to internal practices Julian Pineau (https://strongfitlibrary.com/)

12:34 – D.J.’s approach to following programming frameworks

18:02 – Some of the 8 tensions from the Chi Torque course that are layered over common training categories and vectors

20:37 – My experience lifting logs for three months instead of training in the gym and how it translated to strength on the mats

25:47 – My first real discovery of D.J.’s approach surrounding his Microdosing and Movement experiment (https://danielmurakami.com/blogs/news…)
Tom Mountjoy (@primalmovers)
All This Mayhem Documentary (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2938416/)

45:54 D.J.’s approach to microdosing now

49:08 Increasing active flexibility with microdosing

54:05 What the hell is a Torquestick? John Mouser (https://www.mouserpower.com/)

57:24 Airbud fasting experiment – do they make you more stupid?
Tyler Stone (@tylereffinstone)

1:08:53 D.J.’s approach to fixing his own injuries

1:18:25 How D.J.’s approach to coaching and training has evolved over the last decade or so

1:24:46 CBD Mountain Outro
Instagram – @strongcamps @movementquest
Website – danielmurakami.com

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