Join us as Brandon unpacks how the Kabuki Strength System helped morph him from grappler to powerlifter, what it means to actually earn your recovery, and a powerful story about how Brandon transformed himself from a self-confessed introvert into a strength coach who can talk to anyone, anytime.

Brandon Morgan (@bmorg33) is a powerlifter and strength coach at the Kabuki Strength Facility, in Portland, Oregon, and a holder of a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Kinetics.

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0:00 – CBD Mountain Intro

0:21 – Brand Morgan Intro

0:59 – Why Brandon was drawn to wrestle as a youngster in high school

7:15 – Why Brandon liked the Freestyle Greco style of wrestling the most

10:06 – How weightlifting and powerlifting came into the picture

13:20 – Ideas around strength training for grapplers looking at the Bulgarian Light method, The Wrestler’s Edge and Westside for Grapplers.
Eric Bugenhagen aka Rick Boogs @rickboogswwe
Carmen Bott @coachbott (

23:14 – The Brandon Morgan method for grapplers

30:37 – Brandon’s approach to assessing athletes

32:23 – Who is Chris Duffin and what is he known for? @mad_scientist_duffin (…)

34:50 – How Brandon was put through the Kabuki system and what happened to him, and how his values as a coach aligned with Chris Duffin’s

39:51 – The Centurion Olympics – what movements and abilities would Brandon like to possess at age 100?

41:56 – Tumbling is just frickin’ cool – the path I took towards learning to backflip versus the path I take when teaching it to others

47:12 – What Brandon means when he says “Earning your recovery.”

51:22 – What Brandon thinks about using HRV for recovery purposes

52:40 – What does a typical training session for Brandon look like

57:00 – The velocity device that Brandon favours most

59:58 – Choosing lift variations based on body types
“Effects of a six-week hip thrust versus front squat resistance training program on performance in adolescent males: A randomized-controlled trial”…

1:05:53 – Looking at a sport as a whole creates too much of a wormhole when it comes exercise selection. Better to look at the athlete’s game, strategies and strengths first.

1:08:24 – Try different lifts out and see which ones you like

1:09:49 – The advice Brandon would give himself as a young athlete, and novice strength coach, if he was able to look back from where he is now

1:14:43 – Are there any pieces of advice that Brandon was given on his way up, that still sticks with him today? Brandon Senn @brandon_senn (…)

1:17:17 – How does someone who is a self-proclaimed “recluse” become good at networking?

1:26:10 – Shocks to the system and how they benefit change, and a message of encouragement for the introverts out there who want to get better at talking to people

1:29:07 – Working with Brandon Instagram – @bmorg33 ( Website –
Email – brandon_morgan @

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