Garyth Moxey on Your First Psychedelic Trip, Healing Addiction With Ibogaine, and The God Molecule (#6)

Garyth is an Ibogaine provider and entheogenic worker, specialising in opiate addiction detox. You can learn more about him and his work at Inner Realms (

Had a wild time talking to Garyth about his own experience with substance addiction, his journeys with psychedelics, suggestions on plant choices for your first psychedelic trip and what it’s like to work with the God molecule (5Meo-DMT) and how it differs from the Spirit molecule (N,N-DMT).

Phil Wittmer on Your First Handstand, One Arm Chins and Staying at Sub 10% Bodyfat All Year Round (#4)

It was a great pleasure to have Phil on the show. You’ll get to hear a clear insight into the pathways towards achieving your first freestanding handstand, what it takes to get the illusive one arm chin, and how he manages to stay at sub 10% body fat all year round!

Phil Wittmer is a performance coach and co-owner of West Coast Strength and Movement, a private training studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.