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Ben Dyson on the Black Belt Journey, Serious Injury Mindsets and Building World Class Academies (#2)

For all you grapplers out there, this episode with Ben Dyson was a great insight into his journey to black belt and the highlights along the way, how Ben has developed a solid mindset towards dealing with serious injuries, and his approach to building a world class academy.


0:20 Home territories and professors
Roy Dean (
Steve Greenaway (
Geoff Lawson and Ippon Gym

3:20 Initial resistance towards running a BJJ program

4:29 Ben’s approach to taking on an academy under his name and how beginners’ progression should be structured.

6:00 Through the eyes of the beginner, arriving at Lions MMA, Vancouver. What they can expect walking through the door and thoughts on live rolling for newbies

09:05 What Ben saw at other academies around the world that he wanted to implement at Lions MMA, regarding; class structure, warm ups and welcomes.
Atos (

14:09 The difficulty of reaching an overtrained state in BJJ

15:14 The path to the black belt, sports before BJJ and athletic attributes

17:30 Watching UFC #1, dropping out of university, needing a new kickstart in life and losing 43 pounds. UFC 1 (…)

19:31 White belt revelations, trying not to use strength and getting stuck in.

23:20 Length of time at white belt and Roy’s systematic approach and graduating to blue belt

25:00 The blue belt fork in the road, why most people stay there the longest, and skillsets a blue belt should have.

26:50 Developing a game from blue belt into purple belt and gravitating towards specific sequences

29:50 Being awarded a brown belt from Roy Dean and what belts really mean

34:00 Creating an atmosphere that promotes hard training but keeps the fun, too

36:00 The toughest year at brown belt, getting the illusive black belt and inspiration from how Coachella Valley BJJ ( run their academy

38:55 Favourite rulesets, what makes them great and how they influence BJJ. ADCC (

44:20 Submission only rules and catalysing a pragmatic approach to BJJ

45:35 Creating a new ruleset from scratch and maintaining a sense of entertainment
Quintet (

47:10 Fight2Win and why they are so entertaining Fight2Win (

48:40 Supplemental training to BJJ and what is worth the time outside an average of twelve sessions per week with; lifting, running and recovery.

51:25 Weight manipulations, cutting for tournaments, dieting vs water loading, and cravings.

54:44 The evolution of dealing with mindset and injuries over the years of BJJ.

57:55 Dealing with panic during an attack after an injury

1:01:00 Key lessons learned from teaching BJJ

1:05:20 The three things you need for competing in BJJ

1:08:20 How working with a coach develops a gameplay

1:08:55 Working with Scramble as a sponsored athlete Scramble (

1:10:45 Instagram @dysonbjj

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