Why is physical education so important?

What defines a physical education, why is the school version suboptimal and what variety of positive effects result in engaging on your own physical education journey?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

7 bodies of knowledge worth immersing yourself in

With such a wide range of physical education topics out there, how do you sort the useful from the useless?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

The most effective martial arts to learn first

With hundreds of martial arts out there to choose from, which ones should you learn first?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

Yoga / ASANA

The restorative power of Yoga : why Asana could be your ideal physical foundation

Exploring the powerful physical element of this ancient 8-limbed living system; Asana, the art of preparing the body for long periods of sitting. The perfect antidote to a sedentary society?

(Reading time; 15 minutes)

Breaking down the Sun Salutation, step by step

Looking at each stage of the powerful asana sequence, Surya Namaskar A

(Reading time; 10 minutes)


5 things I learned from coaching James Bond’s stunt double

Lessons learned from coaching one of the UK’s most prolific stunt performers for Bond #25

(Reading time; 5 minutes)