Get ready to take notes! Andrew shares tons of information on how to train well in to your forties, whether it’s for jiujitsu on the mats, strength training in the gym, or endurance sports out on the road. We also take a deep dive into his 4B system based around; flexiblity, cardiovascular health, strength and muscle building, and doing battle via your sport of choice. Andrew knows his stuff and is still training smart into his fifties. Strength training, combat sports, and D.I.Y. warriors, this one’s for you!

Andrew Read (@readpt) is an experienced and battle-tested performance coach from Melbourne, Australia.


0:21 – CBD Mountain Intro

0:22 – Andrew Read Intro

0:45 – How Andrew’s approach to training has changed as he has gotten older

4:50 – In terms of Bend from Andrew’s system of 4 B’s, what are the benchmarks you need to hit regarding ranges of motion, etc.?

7:29 – Movements before moves in jiujitsu and building your game around your attributes and limitations

9:26 – Where does recovery fit in to the picture? Get ready to take notes!
Heart Rate Variability (…)
Morpheus by Joel Jamieson (

19:28 – How Andrew modulates JiuJitsu intensity

23:10 – Wrestling injuries can be horrific

30:06 – Robert Drysdale’s approach to sparring intensity

31:05 – Steven Seiler’s research on endurance sports (…)

34:17 – Last man standing attitudes in the Australian military

38:06 – The fear some people have associated towards training their bodies and how confidence can be trained over time through small victories

40:47 – Andrew’s other life of motorcycle racing and coaching riders where principles of short term loss over long term gain still apply

43:01 – The necessity of removing your ego as you age

47:10 – Traffic light system of the HRV model for training – what Andrew suggests for red light days.

51:12 – Lifting weights for fitness – what are you actually building? And is that the smartest way to build aerobic capacity?

55:33 – What the Build component of Andrew’s 4B system means and is hypertrophy sensible/possible as you pass 40?

1:06:45 – Drug use in Hollywood and fitness media

1:09:47 – Drug testing in jiujitsu

1:11:13 – How Andrew defines the term ‘CORE’ and how he programmes core work for jiujitsu folks and general population

1:19:31 – At 1 hour a day, 7 days a week, jiujitsu is only 4% of your week

1:23:26 – Yoga and Asana – do props have their place in asana practice or not?

1:30:35 – The other 7 limbs of yoga have their place, too

1:36:27 – CBD Mountain Outro

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