My strength training journey began at age twelve,
when a chap named Bruce Lee showed up on my grainy television screen.

The more I learned about Bruce,
the more I became obsessed with training the human body.

That was it.

The fire had been lit.


Skin In The GAME

Outside of martial arts, I spent the best part of 2012-2017 teaching hundreds of people how to slackline.
From movie actors to every type of person imaginable, I learnt a ton about skill acquisition, communication, and effective instruction over those years.
Balance is a beautiful skill to coach and a fascinating journey to undertake as a student.

From 2013-2016 I also spent my time watching some of the best S&C coaches in action, at the incredible Locker 27 facility in Surrey, England.
After picking their brains ceaselessly, reading all the books I could, and experimenting with my body as a training guinea pig, it was time to start my coaching journey.


From April 2019-2022, I clocked up over 2000 hours of strength coaching, on a one-to-one basis.
Now I'm closer to 3000 hours, working with an abundance of different bodies and abilities.

In 2021 and 2022 combined, I totalled 450 hours of training time on the mats for jiujitsu, alone.
I received both my blue and purple belts during this time.
I have taught myself how to skateboard, snowboard,
standing backflip, hold a handstand for over a minute, slackline between mountain peaks, and wheelie a 1000c motorcycle.

I'm fast approaching over 100 hours of instructing BJJ classes, and I started training under Roger Gracie and Mauricio Gomes as a teenager.

I'm invested in this game. I crushed my Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam with 175 hours of study.
And I am a coach who actually lifts, too, not just an out-of-shape theorist.


I've done my time as; the gym coffee maker, to fitness instructor, to corporate personal trainer, to training general population clients, to padholding,
gymnastic skills and screen fighting with stunt performers, to S&C with grapplers, strength sport athletes, strikers and MMA athletes.

I'm still learning, but man, have I seen and learned a lot so far! This isn't a side-hustle or passion-project for me. This is how I live.

There's a solid chance I've dealt with your issues that are stopping you from getting to the next level, before.


My focus as a coach is directed at two main areas;


S&C for Combat Sports Athletes

Most of my work is focused on working with amateur, semi-professional, and professional combat sports athletes. Whether you're a grappler, kickboxer, MMA fighter, or boxer, I've got your strength and conditioning covered. I work with combat sports athletes in person and online. Click the apply button below to fill out an application form for working with me.

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Strength Lifestyle

Strength and Conditioning for those rare people who want more out of life using their bodies. I work with only a handful of the most committed strength lifestyle clients in person (expensive), and many more online (affordable). Interested? Click the apply button below and fill out the questions on the application form.