Hi My name's Harry

I'm a strength coach, podcaster, writer, and BJJ blue belt under Ben Dyson. I created MoveMind for those who love to train. Check out our online coaching options, podcast episodes, and articles for the best strength and conditioning resource for grapplers!


My strength training journey began at aged twelve, when a chap named Bruce Lee showed up on my grainy television screen. The more I learned about Bruce, the more I became obsessed with training the human body.

From 2013-2016 I spent my time watching some of the best S&C coaches in action, at the incredible Locker 27 facility in Surrey, England. After picking their brains ceaselessly, reading all the books I could, and experimenting with my body as a training guinea pig, it was time to start my coaching journey.

I've done my time as; the gym coffee maker, to fitness instructor, to corporate personal trainer, to training general population clients, to padholding, gymnastic skills and screen fighting with stunt performers, to S&C with grapplers, strength sport athletes, strikers and MMA athletes.

In 2019, I moved to British Columbia to pursue my coaching a stage further, and dive deeper into my love for Brazilian JiuJitsu. I've been training No-Gi for the last six years, and Gi for six months.

What I've realised along the way is that I love my job. Specifically, I love sharing knowledge, that when put into action, helps change people's lives through revelations in their bodies and minds. And that you can never stop learning, experimenting and implementing.


My focus as a coach is directed at three main areas;


S&C for Grapplers

For the recreational grappler, whether you are competing regularly or you just want to remain as injury free as possible.

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Stronger Civilians

Strength and Conditioning for regular people who want more out of life and their bodies.

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Return to Training

Working with those who have been given the green light from the physio to return to normal life again, but also want to remove the guesswork of staying injury free.

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