Stuart Cooper on Travelling the World Filming JiuJitsu and Conquering Addiction with Psychedelics (#22)

JiuJitsu players and psychedelic explorers, pack your intergalactic suitcases, it’s about to get topical! Join our brilliant conversation about travelling the world filming JiuJitsu, conquering Staph ten times in one year, and battling opiate addiction with various psychedelic approaches.

Stuart Cooper is a BJJ black belt under Lucio Sergio De Santos, head of the BJJ program at Diaz Combat Sports, and chief videographer for Stuart Cooper Films. Hailing from the mean streets of Preston in the UK, Stuart now resides in Vancouver, Canada.


0:00 – Introduction

0:15 – The beginnings of Stuart’s Jiujitsu career

5:17 – The BJJ landscape; Gi or NoGi?

9:41 – Stuart’s attributes before starting BJJ

12:26 – Moving to Brazil as a wide-eyed purple belt

19:32 – Stuart’s first camera

22:38 – Favourite camera setup currently

24:40 – Favourite filming format

31:45 – One of Stuart’s favourite grappling matches of all time; Garry Tonon vs Palhares

32:10 – Tales from Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand

37:08 – Heading up the BJJ programme for Diaz Combat Sports, Vancouver

43:36 – Torn meniscus; to repair or to remove?

46:22 – Stuart’s approach to S&C for BJJ
Contrast Training –
William Weyland @ Powering Through, Essex, UK
Strength Training Manual by Mladen Jovanovic

56:55 – How psychedelics have helped Stuart maintain his mental health
Serotonin Syndrome

1:22:11 – Stuart’s up and coming projects


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