Dr. Jon Amato on Chris Weidman’s Leg Break, Prehab for Fighters, and Roughhousing (#15)

Dr. Jon sheds light on the benefits of being a physio that lifts, what Chris Weidman’s injury rehab journey will look like, principles for prehab work for combat sports athletes, and why roughhousing is important in the development of healthy children.

Dr. Jon Amato is an experienced strength coach, BJJ purple belt, former teacher of Physical Education at the NYC Dept. Of Education, and holder of a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Mercy College.

This episode of the MoveMind podcast was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.


✔️0:00 – CBD Mountain Intro

✔️0:21 – Dr Jon Amato Intro

✔️0:50 – Physical Education – Why is having one so damn important, regardless if you consider yourself to be a “physical” type of person, or not?

✔️4:04 – Jon’s Physical Eduction and how the theory : practice ratio was structured

✔️6:05 – The challenge of being a P.E. teacher and only having a few basketballs to get the job done and how Jon adapted his approach

✔️9:00 – Does having a physical education teach kids and adults to be more self-reliant and disciplined?

✔️10:12 – The idea of resilience for combat and collision sport athletes, why is it important and how can it be built if it is currently lacking?

✔️20:40 – Dealing with athletes who have a training age of zero with regards to making them stronger and more resilient

✔️25:32 – Utilising the idea of strength and performance benchmarks to apply to a variety of bodies
Gian Villante (@gpvillante)

✔️29:27 – The principle of combining skillsets – why Jon decided to blend S&C, with Physiotherapy and MMA.
Dr Mike Camp (@docmcamp)
Tony Ricci (@fightshape_ricci)

✔️40:07 – Which was more important to Jon on his learning journey, the theory of the CSCS course, or the 6 years overshadowing at Bethpage Physio Clinic?

✔️48:15 – What a typical physiotherapy session looks like with a combat sports athlete

✔️53:41 – Manual therapy modalities that Jon uses time and again

✔️59:04 – Jon’s approach to prehab and keeping his body together

✔️1:03:52 – How Jon’s philosophy of coaching and training has changed over the years

✔️1:09:45 – Loaded carry variations that work well

✔️1:11:38 – Why Jon favours anti-rotation, flexion and extension more so than sit ups for core strength and stability

✔️1:14:55 – How Jon manages everything that he does so that he leverages the best out of every situation

✔️1:18:43 – The attraction as a parent for getting your kids into grappling early

✔️1:23:37 – Chris Weidmann’s recent catastrophic shin break at UFC 261 – where does he go from here?

Bethpage Physical Therapy Clinic
Jon @ strengthandrehab.com
Instagram – @dr.amato_pt

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