Joey Fritz on Training Your Brain Pre/Post-Impact, and Compassion Versus Violence (#13)

Joey Fritz works with a host of professional strikers and mixed martial artists at Elevation Fight Team, Denver Colorado and received his MA in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, Denver in June 2016.

In his second MoveMind podcast appearance, we talk about; Cory Sandhagen’s latest winning streak and what he and Joey worked together on to elicit the inner Sandman, compassion within violence and how they’re more closely linked than you might expect, and how contact/combat sports athletes can train their brains pre and post-impact to help reduce long term negative effects.

Be sure to check him on episode 9, too.

This episode of the MoveMind podcast was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.

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✔️0.00 – CBD Mountain

✔️0.22 – Joey Fritz Intro

✔️0.53 – Cory Sandhagen’s recent double KO win streak and mindset topics Joey worked with him on

✔️4.20 – Factors of violence that some fighters find difficult – On Killing by Dave Grossman

✔️11.48 – How Joey works with fighters to become more violent

✔️14.45 – Creating a space in which it’s OK to be more violent

✔️20.30 – Increasing capacity for violence

✔️22.45 – The gun ownership example and posturing

✔️26.08 – Translating the acceptance for violence into action with the Approach vs Avoid model

✔️31.38 – What is the most compassionate way towards being violent?

✔️38.00 – Violence catalyzing camaraderie and the example of Fight Club

✔️43.24 – Searching for truths and the inability to hide on the mat or in the ring

✔️48.13 – Training for brain health, pre and post-concussion

✔️51.42 – What is neuromechanical coupling?

✔️57.18 – Why collision sports athletes are more succeptible to neuro-degeneration

✔️58.30 – What is a sub-concussive burden?

✔️1.01.29 – The relationship between extremety injuries and sub-concussive burdens

✔️1.03.15 – Preventitive measures for collision and combat sports athletes regarding brain trauma

✔️1.04.09 – What is dual task processing?

✔️1.07.00 – How does diet influence dual task processing?

✔️1.14.00 – Why the fight game is still in its infancy regarding concussion prehab

✔️1.15.00 – Reslience Code and the UFC Performance Institute

✔️1.16.20 – Joey nearly getting knocked out by Francis Ngannou

✔️1.17.45 – Is training dual task processing on a progressive continuum? White Fang by Jack London

✔️1.21.20 – The easiest way to implement low budget dual task processing training today

✔️1.23.30 – What is overmapping? Dr Dustin Grooms

✔️1.29.00 – What Joey has coming up next regarding mental coaching with fighters and Cory’s next fight against TJ Dillashaw

Email – Joseph.R.Fritz @ gmail dot com

This episode of the MoveMind podcast was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.

The MoveMind Podcast explores all things body and brain; hosting a variety of experts, coaches, high achievers and pioneers to give you the tools for a personal, holistic upgrade.

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