Josh Neumann on Coaching With Enthusiasm, The First 15 Minutes and Encouraging Flow States (#11)

Josh Neumann is the head S&C coach at Essentials of Athletics, Vancouver, Canada.

Josh is one of the most enthusiastic and fun S&C coaches I have ever trained under. Listen in as we talk about blending technical coaching with play, why the first fifteen minutes of the session should be dominated, and how to encourage flow states on the field by producing healthy players in the gym. 

This episode of the MoveMind podcast was brought to you by CBD Mountain, the sport and fitness CBD.


CBD Mountain

Introduction and where Josh’s love for sports came from during childhood

Josh’s thoughts on specialising in sport too early and the detrimental effects it has on children’s physicality

Children perceiving enthusiasm over technical knowledge

How Josh blends technical coaching with enthusiasm
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Dr Stuart Brown – Play is more than just fun – TED Talk

Why Josh thinks the coach should dominate the first 15 minutes of any training session and how

What S&C is actually for, in terms of the practicing and competitive athlete

Why Josh was drawn towards playing rugby and how inspirational one of his coaches was

Skateboarding, learning to fall and how trick-based sports are contrasted against team sports, ball sports, etc.
How to Fall – Braille Skateboarding

Breaking down Josh’s education through university, how it prepared him to be a coach and where it fell short

Some of the vital educational components that Josh looks for when hiring new S&C coaches

How Josh coaches his team of staff on being better communicators

Internships and voluntary work for new coaches – yes or no?

Josh’s Lacrosse training programme

Josh’s top coaching influences
Coach Bott
Scott Hebert
Derek Murell

Josh’s top two books
The Exuberant Animal – Frank Forencich
The Tiger – John Vaillant
Mike Boyle – Strength Coach Podcast

Sporting Heroes
Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)
Jordan Hall (Lacrosse)
Justin Marshall (Rugby)
George Gregan (Rugby)
Joost Van Der Westhuizen (Rugby)
Matt Dawson (Rugby)
Nathan Hirayama (Rugby)

Coach Neumann
Essentials of Athletics

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