Cian Lanigan on Smart Feedback Loops, Nootropic Recovery Shakes and Graded Training for Performance (#10)

Cian Lanigan is a strength and conditioning coach and owner of Enhanced Performance, Vancouver, Canada.

Whether you’re a coach or looking to be smarter about structuring your training, my conversation with Cian is going to jumpstart your mind. We dive into the idea of creating feedback loops for improved learning, Cian’s homemade nootropic recovery shake for body and brain, and the unique grading system he uses at Enhanced Performance to monitor and progress training for the members.

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Show Notes

CBD Mountain

Introduction and how Cian managed to remodel his whole gym business in 48 hours due to Covid

Cian’s thoughts on why he wanted Enhanced Performance to go online before Covid

Why the S&C industry requires an online presence as much as an interpersonal one

Elements of EP’s online programming that were reflective of the in-house model
Team Buildr App

The surprisingly positive points of shifting business online

Explaining the unique level system of training at Enhanced Performance

Cian’s approach to utilising the olympic lifts with is members

Adapting the gym’s model for training at home with limited equipment
Coach Carmen Bott Isometric Program

The attachment in western culture towards exhaustion and working out to failure, and why that doesn’t serve bodies long term.

Cian’s sporting and high performance background

The path Cian took to becoming an S&C coach

Why Cian is fed up and annoyed with the Fitness realm and how he has structured the EP business model to avoid the common pitfalls seen so often

Out of Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type, which is the most important factor to get results

The EP approach to recovery methods and principles, derived from Cian breaking his back
Wim Hof

Cian’s special nootropic mix
Cian’s post breaking down the ingredients
Lion’s Mane

The journey of learning new tricks, feedback loops and Cian’s formula for learning and skill acquisition

Enhanced Performance Website
Coach Cian Instagram

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