Joey Fritz on Mental Performance for Combat Sports, How to Enjoy Running, and Approach vs Avoid Mindsets (#9)


Joey works with a host of professional strikers and mixed martial artists at Elevation Fight Team, Denver Colorado and received his MA in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, Denver in June 2016.

Working with combat sports athletes, to snowboarders and even motorcycle racers, Joey took some time to chat with me about all things cognitive. We cover what the mental performance component for combat athletes looks like, how to enjoy running if you currently hate it, and the key differences between the approach and avoidance mindsets.

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Why Joey decided to take up wrestling as a youngster and how it prepared him to play lots of other sports in terms of motor competency

The selection process of youth in sport, how grappling gives kids confidence physically and mentally, and how puberty provides a dividing line for sport selection

Why Joey decided to join the Marines and what his mindset was towards signing up
Roger Bannister

The selection process Joey went through for the Marines in the USA, how he trained for it and why it is structured in a certain way
ASVAB Online Test

Breaking down new recruits, mentally – fact or myth?

Joey talks about how he got through his tour to Afghanistan, and where performance psychology came in to play

Performance psychology in the Military

Joey’s approach to being a Renaissance man / Polymath, self-sufficiency and being of use to others.
Georges Hérbert

✔️35.50 – 39.40
Breaking down a new skill in order to learn it and perform it properly, creating environments where it is OK to fail and finding the humour in your mistakes.

The Action-oriented approach to problem solving

The next skill on Joey’s Renaissance list.

The art of making space in your life for other things to shine through,
Josh Waitzkin – The Art of Learning
The Midnight Gospel Episode 6 – “Vultures with Honor” starring David Nichtern

Why Joey decided to get in to BJJ later in life

What Joey found difficult about grappling and the adjustments he made along the way

Where wrestling ends, jiujitsu begins, and jiujitsu changes when you’re getting punched in the face.

Running long distances and how those who don’t enjoy it can reframe their approach to actually enjoy the process

Who are Elevation Fight Team, and why do they have such a reputation and heritage behind them.

What performance psychology is and how it applies to sport and other areas of life
Cory Sandhagen (UFC)
Neil Magny (UFC)
Drew Dober (UFC)

What you can control vs what you can’t control, and the approach vs avoidance mental model
Battle Grapple Promotion (UK)

Similarities of working with board sports athletes and fighters

The importance of practicing to creating new mental habits, dominant responses vs desired patterns
Bruce Lee – Formlessness, Form, Formlessness

Joey’s approach to using meditation techniques based on people’s type of brain activity, and creating space to observe one’s thoughts
Waking Up App

How balance can be used a method of achieving a state of focus, observation of one’s thoughts and as a metaphor for performance psychology
Kazushi Principle

✔️1.38.15- 1.40.41
Pressure is artificial but the task is still the same, attention is the most important piece

Joey’s approach to using triggers / anchors to reignite memory in high pressure situations

Justin Gaethje (UFC)
Trevor Wittman (Justin’s coach)

How you can work with Joey

Email – Joseph.R.Fritz @ gmail dot com

The MoveMind Podcast explores all things body and brain; hosting a variety of experts, coaches, high achievers and pioneers to give you the tools for a personal, holistic upgrade.

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