Simonster on Mastering Your Own Bodyweight, Skills vs Strength and Simplifying Your Training Program (#8)


Simonster is a performer and coach, specialising in bodyweight strength training, based out of Melbourne, Australia.

For anyone looking to get stronger by using their own bodyweight, listen in. I sat down with Simonster to understand more about what it takes to master your own bodyweight, how to train for new skills vs how to build strength, and a few details on how to simplify your training program to yield even better results.

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CBD Mountain

Simon’s beginnings; Jackie Chan and gymnastics

Gymnastics Strength Training as the key to unlocking more breakdancing power moves

The ambiguity of breakdancing and why Simon didn’t want to become a breakdancer

People that discuss vs people that train

The rights of passage within the breakdancing culture, and which skills and moves Simon found to be transferable

Simon’s approach to technical skill training vs strength training
Air Flares

Maintenance of skillsets with regards to learning new skills

How many reps you need to acquire before you keep a skill for life

Simon’s approach to programming strength components to technical skills, using the HSPU as an example
Greg Nichols

Simon’s key to progress

Progressing the HSPU beyond free-standing repetitions
Tiger Bend
90 degree bend pushups
Deep Handstand push ups

Avoiding joint and tendon soreness with calisthenic training

Studying to be a physiotherapist and how it helped Simon’s understanding of training the body and learning how to think

Starting points for people new to training in their home environment

Simon’s approach to work ethic and being self-taught

Maintaining motivation and the desire to improve

Pausing the Simonster world workshop tour and cultures that impressed him when he has travelled to teach

Simon’s digital products and online coaching

Project Planche
Project Handstand
Project Human Flag

Simon’s approach to training legs

Learning how to teach

The Lachlan Giles connection and Simon’s experience with BJJ
Lachlan Giles

Simon’s thoughts on using bodyweight and calisthenic strength training for combat athletes
Geo Martinez
Richie Martinez

How Simon approaches midsection and core work for calisthenics

Simon’s Website

CBD Mountain

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