Geoffrey Chiu on Bridging the Gap, the Power of the Grappling Mindset and Common Training Mistakes to Avoid (#7)

Geoffrey Chiu is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and martial artist based out of Vancouver, and London, England.

Geoff explains what bridging the gap between S&C and combat sports really means, why the grappling mindset is so powerful when it comes to learning, and common training mistakes to avoid for combat sports athletes.

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Show Notes

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Geoff’s martial arts journey through Karate, Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing.

Dutch Kickboxing and it’s constituents as to what makes it effective.
Stuart Tomlinson Warrior Collective Youtube Channel
We Bring The Fight – Kickboxing documentary

Theucydides’ statement and the survival of the fittest approach to training athletes

Training programs based on Soviet approaches
Smolov Squat Program

The beginnings of Geoff’s S&C path

How coaching is different to just reading for a degree and what new coaches need to do to bridge the gap from theory to practice

How strength training helped with Geoff’s return to striking and combat sports, and the argument for S&C to help with combat sporting development.

Geoff’s approach to bridging the gap between S&C coaches and the combat sports’ world, with the athletes and coaches.

The most common mistakes Geoff sees with combat athletes who are new to S&C

Which training sessions Geoff prioritises with his athletes

Why periodisation is important for combat sports athletes and what it really means
Geoff’s article – Periodization 101

Why more is not more and how Geoff creates buy in to make sure his athletes are training smart and what the holistic approach to training really means

What a ‘Needs Analysis’ means and how to go about it for combat sports

Is S&C going to improve your JiuJitsu, what Marcelo Garcia thinks about it and the idea of bringing up weaknesses

Kickboxing vs Muay Thai, striking vs grappling, and Geoff’s approach to programming for each style of fighter.

✔️46.35- 57.45
Does a striker make a better grappler, or a grappler make a better striker?

Geoff’s approach to assessing athletes, subjective and objectively, and performance testing
Nathaniel Wood

Methods that Geoff uses time and time again that get results every time, and where the Olympic lifts come in to athlete preparation.

Active recovery for combat athletes and why grapplers who see Geoff in the beginning are often injured

Steps that serious hobbyists can take to improve their combat sporting performance and S&C

Geoff’s Website + Instagram

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