Amir Ghassemi on The Art Of Charm, How To Cut Weight and Teaching Women How To Protect Themselves (#5)


Amir Ghassemi is the current BFL lightweight kickboxing champion, striking coach and manager of Lions MMA, Vancouver, Canada.

We go deep into the realms of the art of charm to create positive gym atmospheres, weight cutting strategies in fight camps and a closer look at what it takes to teach women how to protect themselves.

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✔️01.20- 04.15
The art of charm and how to approach new and current gym members, alike

Maintaining a sense of community whilst businesses have been forced to close

Keeping momentum as a gym whilst closed and shifting to online platforms

How adaptation is key, in martial arts and in business

Ladies only self-defence seminars at Lions MMA and the purpose of training

Teaching women about situational awareness and the importance of understanding probable scenarios

The best weapon for women to use in compromised situations

Why BJJ is number one when it comes to understanding the framework for women’s self-defence

Free self-defence seminar schedule
Battered Women’s Support Services Charity

Children’s Anti-Bullying seminar

Amir’s martial journey
Jean Claude VanDamme

Amir’s Top 3 Kickboxing Fights
Mike Zambedis vs Chahid
Peter Aerts vs Semmy Schilt
Rammon Dekkers

Amir’s dream list of striking coaches to work with
Big Mike Passenier
Kirian Fitzgibbons
Damien Trainor
Notable strikers from Mike’s Gym
Badr Hari
Melvin Manhoef
Gokhan Saki
Murthel Groenhart

Coach – Fighter relationship and the importance of getting out of your head and trusting your instincts

✔️46.30- 51.45
Can mental toughness be taught?

Fight camp durations, staying ready, watching tape for pattern recognition

Cutting weight in MMA vs Kickboxing, methods of losing the pounds

Advice for strikers staying sharp during quarantine
Andre Ward


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Lions MMA Instagram
Lions MMA Website

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