Phil Wittmer on Your First Handstand, 1-Arm Chins, and Staying at Sub 10% Body Fat All Year Round (#4)

About Phil

Phil Wittmer is a performance coach and co-owner of West Coast Strength and Movement, a private training studio in Downtown, Vancouver.

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Show Notes

CBD Mountain


Beginnings with various movements, training and habits

Staying at sub 10% body fat, all year round and educating people on the framework for food

Sitting for long periods of time and how to alleviate its effects

Common patterns in everyday people from sitting too much

Phil’s journey to his first 30s freestanding handstand
Ido Portal

The best drill for getting your first freestanding handstand

The illusive handstand pushup; pathways to first reps

Unlocking the one-arm chin up and learning about biomechanic strengths and sticking points.
Christian Thibaudeau

Elbow tendon irritation from one arm chins and how to avoid it

Benchmarks; what should the average human be able to do?

What Phil gained from the breakdancing world and why it is so far ahead on the movement continuum

The exponential progression continuum for extreme sports
Tony Hawk landing the first ever 900

What differentiates training online with Phil, compared to other offers available
Train with Phil > Phil @ WittmerPerformance dot com

Some of Phil’s influences;
Charles Poliquin
Paul Chek
Yuval Ayalon
Mark Verstegan
Eric Cressey
Mike Boyle
Carmen Bott

How to improve your communication as a professional and tips for newcomers into the coaching/training industry

Phil’s approach towards improving mobility and retaining the gains

Making the most of the lockdown quarantine time

Middle Splits progressions and the power of the horse stance
Emmet Louis
Thomas Kurz

Email – Phil @ WittmerPerformance dot com
West Coast Instagram

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