The modus operandi of MoveMind is simple.

MoveMind is an online educational resource –
creating conditions for optimal physical and mental health.
This knowledge is aimed at those looking
to improve their moving and thinking.

To improve movement, we advocate; Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Strength and Conditioning and Asana as systems to train and maintain the body.

To improve cognitive function, we utilise meditation, critical thinking and various mental models to train and maintain the mind.

If you like to move, think, or you’re not sure how to do either,
MoveMind is for you.

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Thoughts on the Mobility-Stability Continuum, feat. Dr Quinn Henoch

When should you perform mobility work, and why is this continuum important in the assessment process of an athlete?

(Reading time; 10 minutes)

Why Strength and Conditioning has the answers for your body

What is S&C? And what does your body need?

(Reading time; 10 minutes)

5 things I learned from coaching James Bond’s stunt double

Lessons learned from coaching one of the UK’s most prolific stunt performers for Bond #25

(Reading time; 5 minutes)


How to create an optimum physical education for an unknown future

How do you begin to educate people about the importance of physical education, including mental health? If these topics are really that important, how do you go about your own educational journey, without even knowing what tomorrow holds?

(Reading time; 15 minutes)

The MoveMind Model : an optimal physical education paradigm

A meta-approach to living, focusing on learning and moving. Take a look at what subjects MoveMind focuses on to create a physical education that can withstand the tests of time.

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

Why is physical education so important?

What defines a physical education, why is the school version suboptimal and what variety of positive effects result in engaging on your own physical education journey?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

7 bodies of knowledge worth immersing yourself in

With such a wide range of physical education topics out there, how do you sort the useful from the useless?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

The most effective martial arts to learn first

With hundreds of martial arts out there to choose from, which ones should you learn first?

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

What is JiuJitsu and why bother learning it? Feat. Ryan Hall

One of the greatest grappling minds shares his insights behind the science and art of grappling

(Reading time; 6 minutes)

Meta-Choke; The cognitive benefits of recreational choking

Contrary to popular belief, grappling isn’t just for meatheads

(Reading time; 5 minutes)

Yoga / ASANA

The restorative power of Yoga : why Asana could be your ideal physical foundation

Exploring the powerful physical element of this ancient 8-limbed living system; Asana, the art of preparing the body for long periods of sitting. The perfect antidote to a sedentary society?

(Reading time; 15 minutes)

Breaking down the Sun Salutation, step by step

Looking at each stage of the powerful asana sequence, Surya Namaskar A

(Reading time; 10 minutes)

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